Swwapnil Joshi

To be alive and being able to do good work is a privilege that Swwapnil believes in thoroughly and so he never takes his work or family for granted. Cutting corners in his work is something he absolutely abhors and when his hard work pays off , he enjoys spending that not only on his family but feels it is his responsibility to give back to the society in his own humble ways . Born to a middle class family in Mumbai, Swwapnil enjoys a simple life. He loves to sleep in, spend time with his kids and family. A lawyer by education, an avid reader of all kinds of literature since a very young age, Swwapnil genuinely believes that books are a man’s best friend. Although actors are needed to be fitness buffs, Swwapnil says he doesn’t enjoy hardcore workouts and gyms but nevertheless believes fitness should be a part of everyone’s life and so unless a role demands him to be super fit he loves his regular walks and yoga which keep his happy hormones flowing. He is a thorough and a proud foodie, “If it’s one thing that I am fussy about , it’s food, and VadaPaav is love!” says Swwapnil. Enjoying conversations with his loved ones over multiple cups of tea makes him the happiest. A “3am friend” for many in and outside the industry, Swwapnil believes in old school romance and relationships.

One thing that gets him excited like a kid in a candy store are cars. Swwapnil is a car enthusiast and knows his rides at the back of his hand and also owns a few luxury brands. His friends take his suggestions seriously when buying a new vehicle for themselves. When it comes to fashion , Swwapnil is considered to be one of the most stylish actor. When asked what does he look for in clothes? Perfect fit is his immediate response. Perfect fit is key to make your outfits stand out. Swwapnil is extremely tech savvy and one of most loved actor on social media platforms. Infact his friends and family consider him to be a gadget guru as he is up to date with the latest tech. With over a million followers on Instagram, almost a half a million followers on Twitter and Facebook alike, and more than a million followers on TikTok, Swwapnil sure enjoys immense popularity on digital platforms as well. Television, Celluloid, Theatre, Radio, Web we have seen Swwapnil ace them all and very soon we will be able to see his entrepreneurial side too. His team says his business acumen is as formidable as his acting skills and we will hear a formal announcement soon.